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What made the Buddha laugh was seeing that the thing that had ruled his life, that he first tried to escape and then tried to Enlighten, never existed in the first place! His "self"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Video IS The Totality Of All Things

[Excerpts from from “First PURE Liberation” from a dialogue with Ciaran Healy. It's from a chat he had with someone, hence the incomplete sentences and typos. He writes prose much better than this!]
it's this
think about how we layer cause and effect over the full experience of life
in the present moment
what you'll find
if you focus
and be disciplined with yourself
is that we assume
that 'we'
are watching a video
that is life
and the video effects 'us'
this is endemic
everyone does it
and that's because
you don't need to teach this
cause and effect
is the lens through which
we see the world
so the idea
of this video 'we' are watching
that's having an effect on 'us'
just kind of arises
the thing to realise
and if you can see this
that is you enlightened
is that the video
IS the totality of all things
such as you are
exist within the video
there is no audience
there is just the film
and you are
how to put this
within the present moment
an assumption exists
that there is someone experiencing it
that assumption
is part of the present
as all things are
enlightenmnet is not an energy field
it is much simpler than that
it is just the recognition
of the truth
that the 'you'
that you and everyone else on the planet
holds as the foundational assumption
of their lives
is in fact
wholly fictional
when you think about enlightenment
it seems hidden
and important
so this makes sense
it is a trap
you do not need to concentrate
at all
in any way
no effort of any kind
except the most minimal effort of looking
is required
is that it is very easy
to start seeing it
as a conceptual puzzle
and as i'm sure you know
it isn't
what it is
in its essence
is a kind of pattern
that's a very weird word to use
because yes
it's more like the absence of a pattern
but let's no go down that road
and confuse ourselves
think of it like a pattern
a pattern in a tapestry
that you are looking for
i can tell you
that the pattern
is squiggly
and blue
and shaped like a monkey
i cannot see it for you
you have to find it
you have to just open your eyes
maybe unfocus them slightly
and try to see the pattern i describe
now we're lucky
because this pattern
is massively simpler
and we're also lucky
because pattern recognition
as a human faculty
is permanent
once you see that monkey
it doesn't matter if you walk off
and live for another fifty years
the next time you see that tapestry
you will see that pattern
this is like that
the idea
that there is no 'you' living life
but only life
in a real
and literal sense
is actually true
just as the pattern in the tapestry
is actually there
in real life
you can pretend
that you see the blue monkey
or there
that will always fade
and isn't real anyway
if you see it
you're done
and it takes
ten seconds?

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